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A person whom regards themselves as 'haxmonkey' actually would infer that this person does program but is also some goof like a monkey.

So if you're a 'haxmonkey' you might be a really good programmer but you're still a monkey on the inside.
Jim: There goes Bob again.
Sally: What's he doing now?
Jim: Well he's being a total haxmonkey again. He's goofing around after completing that new code for the website.
Sally: I have a crush on Bob.
Jim: ...
by The Real HaxMonkey July 11, 2009
One who masturbates so frequently that they can no longer release the dogs.
Man, david is so horny hes a freakin haxmonkey!
by chupomigrandepetos February 18, 2011
A person who thinks they are good with computers, but isn't.
Hey, look at Joe. He's trying to program C++ with a typewriter. What a haxmonkey!
by Alway11 April 27, 2007