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The Hawthorn Football Club is an AFL team comprising of 22 players, 1 coach and a president. They love nothing more than winning games and celebrating by giving each other wristy's in the change rooms. Thier spectators are also adept in arrogant celebration. Often you can see them at the MCG giving themselves wristy's when buddy kicks a goal or when Jeff wears his gold and brown coat. Despite thier overshowing of love towards themselves and eachother, they did claw back remnants of credibility by trading Cambell Brown.
The Hawthorn Football Club has won again. The last time I saw this many wristy's was when I attended the Dissociatives concert.
by Jeff Kennet June 24, 2011
Worthy AFL team, based in Melbourne.
We're a happy team at Hawthorn
by slow decay July 10, 2006

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