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/'ha wa/ Used by 'mackems' or people originating from the Sunderland area (North East England), similar meaning and use to the geordie 'howay'. Meaning 'come on' can be used either in the sense of travelling somewhere, or more commonly used at football matches as an expression to get your team to perform harder.
haway man, we're late


haway! we're 2-0 down!
#haway #haway man #haway the lads #hawa #mackem
by mattclayb April 21, 2006
Come On as in "Haway The Lads"
"Haway The Lads"
"Haway Mate"
#haway #come on #hurry up #geordie #come
by Hawkwind April 29, 2006
Apparently mackem way of spelling 'howay' (Geordie). north east term meaning 'come on'. never in my life have i heard it as a greeting. probably the most common word used in football grounds in the north east, aswell as 'shite'.
HOWAY THE LADS! (St James' Park)/ HAWAY THE LADS! (Stadium of light)
#shite #wembley #jumpers #heads #vols.
by IPW (Howay the lads) January 06, 2006
A word from used in Newcastle dialect used to get people to hurry up or as a tag at the beginning of a sentence.
'ha'way man we better get gannin = come on mate, we'd better go now.

'ha'way man, you've got to be joking' = 'don't be stupid mate, you've got to be joking'
by hgf December 10, 2004
the jordy way of saying hello
haway there sonny jim!
by Spizzy February 03, 2005
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