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Going postal, stressing out, pissed off.
Fox News Network is having kittens over the Bill O'Reily alledged sexual escapades with his young female subordinate.
by Simon October 15, 2004
If someone is getting particularly worked-up about something (usually excited/annoyed).
Luther: So is Katie excited about getting into Harvard's?
Cyril: Are you kidding? She's flippin' having kittens.

Barney: Are you pissed that we have another long English assignment that we have to re-do?
Chester: Yeah man, I'm having kittens over here!
by It'sFrickingMe June 22, 2010
Experiencing and displaying an extreme emotion, be it happiness, excitement or anger.
1) - "Did you see that bitch? She was fucking pissed off"
2) - "Yeah man, she was crazy, she was having kittens"
1) - "Did I tell ya the other day I found fifty bucks? I was fucking having kittens!"
by Splashers May 14, 2009
v. To be excited or surprised
by an event.
v. To physically give birth to a litter of kittens.
Troy, you got the new heated condoms? I'm simply having kittens!

Aww, the mother cat is simply having kittens!
by Prima B. Goode July 04, 2004
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