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hard to define. you say it when something is pleasing or good. eluding to something good also in response to something someone else says. Originated in the Mid-West
guy 1: "i'm gonna totally hook up with this hottie tonight" guy 2: "have it"

"whoa, look what i found. half off fazoli's coupon's! have it."

"i'm gonna go beat off"
"have it."
by Tony November 12, 2005
Having it self explanatory. have it, when you win, have it when u got something good, have it when u win in beer pong, have it a little too many. have it all day everyday. the question is do you have it?
1:hey guess what man?
2:whats up man?
3:Frat party this friday
4: F*ucking HAVE IT!!
by You Gatta Have it September 02, 2008
To have sex. Fuck abt.
sarah i think itz time we have it.

dude i really wana have it wid dat gal!
by Darishta November 07, 2005
to go out and party; drink alot
I'm goting to have it tonight
by kc July 02, 2003
When someone is HIV/AIDS positive or they look like they are HIV/AIDS positive or they fucked someone who looks like they have HIV/AIDS
Fella #1: A boy! ah give that gurl down de road ah sweet fuck last night

Fella #2: Ha Ha you is ah cunt! better go clinic cause people saying she HAVE IT! Ha Ha
by Nicholas BreadX November 02, 2006