A person who should be told that they, contarary to whatever they think, are not funny and should stop trying to be.
by Somebody July 01, 2003
faggot on this site that has no taste in gaming what so ever
hatred is a sheltered fuck
by chri8680 March 03, 2004
hatred exist on all levels
humans hate animals
america hates other countries
white people from different states hate eachother
the west, south and east hate one another
the rich and poor hate each other
people ranting on the internet hate one another
the left and the right fight hate each other
black, white and different races hate eachother in the u.s.
italians hates germans hates asians in america
germans hates asians who hate jews in america
religions hate different religions
different christian groups hate eachother
christians and atheists hate eachother
mac users hate pc users
people in circles of friends hate eachother
highschool groups hate different groups
family members hate eachother
strangers hate eachother
people with different opinions hate each other
people who are the same hate each other
old and young hate each other
outcast and mainstream kids hate each other
punks and gangstas and rednecks hate each other
hip hop hates r&b
men and women hate one another
different countries hate one another
different age groups hate one another
different races hate one another
different people within the same race groups hate one another
family members hate one another
friends of friends hate one another
different christian groups hate one another
atheist groups hate one another
workers hate non workers
harley fans hate honda fans
neighbors hate one another
co workers hate one another
husbands and wives hate one another but fake it
individuals hate one another
americans hate one another
friends turn enemies
politicians hate other politicians...
some conservatives hate other conservatives
indie folk hates heavy metal
mainstream hates indie
the list goes on
hatred exists everywhere you go
by eazy-X April 30, 2008
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