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No chance I'm gonna give a definition.. What if someone's watching? :o

/me dons ninja mask
I must be paranoid, I keep looking over my back for th.. AAAAHHHH!!!!!!
by EmSixTeen August 07, 2004
Ertarded form of typing in which the writer feels the need to type in alternating cases in an attempt to look 'cool'. Usually even more annoying that usual 'txt spk' and '1337 sp34k,' with the reader all-too often ripping their own hair out with frustration.
oGm U r A fOoL cOs Im sO cOoL dOnT mEsS wIt DiS bOi NuKkA
by EmSixTeen November 29, 2004
A more refined, posher version of hatred. Pronounced in a horrible attempt at a French accent.
I hatre Americans, and yer ma.
by EmSixTeen September 18, 2005
Another spelling of class. Meaning.. class. Or brilliant or somesuch. Pronounce like a n00b teenage girl.
OGM KLASS!!`!1!one!!
by EmSixTeen March 15, 2004
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