a metaphorical drink that haters sip on.
signs of abuse of haterade are;
1. Cock-blocking
2. Shit talking
3. Playa hating
Ay keep sippin' on your haterade, dumbass hater
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
Play on the word "Gatorade." Supposedly the favorite drink of all jealous bitches.
LVD: "Hey you think you're the shit, don't you?"
ME: "Yo, anybody thirsty? This bitch's got a WHOLE FRICKEN' COOLER full of haterade!"
by prodigy III September 01, 2006
A drink consumed by haters that quenches their thirst after a hard day's work of player hating
Person 1: Yo why does he get to drive an Escalade when i have to drive this broke ass car.

Person 2: Damn homie you just opened up a bottle of Haterade...
by GB Sage November 07, 2007
1:The metaphorical drink that gives haters their ability to hate, just like Gatorade give athletes the fluids to compete physically. Combined by mixing the words "hater" and "gatorade". Hatorade is metaphorically the color "green" with envy.
2: the act of hating. sometimes called "drinking hateorade"

Hey asshole! Stop drinking that haterade and get your own bitch, you hating bastard!
by ObliQ October 16, 2007
A typical imaginary drink used to describe when someone is "hating" on someone.It typically comes in 3 flavors. Jealousy, Envy, and Retardation.
"I just got an amazing new car.! Isn't it wonderful?"
"I bet it gets crappy mpg."
"Pff, whatever.Go sip your haterade somewhere else."
by TheTangyZebra August 07, 2008
Something that alot of people sip on, that makes them jealous of others (hatin')
When some one is jealous of your basketball skillz they haven't been drinking Gaterade,they've been drinking Haterade
by Mike November 03, 2003
figuritive beverage of one who enjoys hating on other people
After Whitney mocked my rapping skills, I suggested she go take a sip of some haterade.
by Carrie January 28, 2003

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