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short for Mississippi
I'm from the 'da sip'
by Viper5445 April 20, 2005
N. for the state of Mississippi.

More than slang, da Sip is the ebonics term for the state of Mississippi, USA, most always spoken by minorities who are too lazy to speak all of the syllables of the correct pronunciation for the word.
"Hey, bro'," (from Chicago visiting his onty in Mississippi), "Didja come down to da Sip to get a white girl? Be careful and remember Emmitt Till! You dun wanna go back in a box!"

Even heard by Ms. Vivian Brown on the WEATHER CHANNEL, who is from Jackson, Mississippi. "There will be moderate to heavy thundershowers over the centarl part of da Sip this morning, near Jackson in particular."
#mississippi #the magnolia state #jackson #the hospitality state #pilgrimages #lynchings
by Richard Black September 14, 2007
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