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A sharp, thin face, like the wedge shape of a hatchet.
She was a beautiful woman, but that hatchet face with those beady eyes ruined it for me.
by Stevarooni October 29, 2007
An unfortunate man or woman whose face seems to be collapsing inward from a blow to the face possibly caused by a hatchet. Commonly unattractive, these people attempt to give their lives meaning by fervently studying and referring to their inner-beauty.
Holy shit, I wish hatchet-face would shut the fuck up.
by NateDoggFoReal January 11, 2006
A person (usually a woman), who is so ugly that it looks like her face caught on fire and someone put (the fire) out with a hatchet.
"Yo Tommy! Did you see the rack on that broad!?!?"
"Fuck that! She had a hatchet face!!"
by Hatchetface101 August 13, 2011
Chloe Miller.
HATCHETFACE - Thin white face carved with a hatchet.
by JUlian SexMUFFIN September 05, 2008
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