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2 definitions by NateDoggFoReal

An unfortunate man or woman whose face seems to be collapsing inward from a blow to the face possibly caused by a hatchet. Commonly unattractive, these people attempt to give their lives meaning by fervently studying and referring to their inner-beauty.
Holy shit, I wish hatchet-face would shut the fuck up.
by NateDoggFoReal January 11, 2006
What happens when rival negro gangs meet in the ghettos of the inner city. Usually, the gang commiting the drive by willw wield weapons such as glocks and 9s which are aimed(I use the term loosely as "gangstas" hold these weapons sideways which undermines the weapon's accuracy) out of inexpensive 1980s cars with flashy, chrome rims.
"Nigga, we tore up dem muthafucking crips last night wit dat drive-by."
by NateDoggFoReal January 11, 2006