having sex with three different people of the opposite sex in one day.
I scored a Hat Trick on my birthday
by dan January 27, 2003
When one defecates three times in a single day.
"Dude, I have to run to the bathroom"
"Isn't this your third time today?"
"Yeah, I know man, hat trick!"
by HockeyPlaya October 20, 2008
To score (have sexual relations with) with people of 3 different genders in the one day.
Yo dude yesterday I fucked yo sister, yo brother and ET what a hat trick!
by conquerall July 21, 2006
Achieving orgasm in each orifice of your girlfriend/wife/wife's sister, during sex.
Dude, i scored a hat trick last night!
by Favilicious April 03, 2003
A superior combination of the hand job and the blow job where a girl uses both hands and her mouth at the same time to stimulate a guy's penis and testicles. Typically results in stronger orgasms.
"That girl gave me the best hat trick ever. I felt like I was getting a blow job and a hand job at the same time."
by nicegurl22 April 22, 2010
Bringing a woman to orgasm using your hand, then mouth, and finally through intercourse, all in one session.
- Wow that was amazing!
- Yes, it looks like I scored a hat trick.
by Sambinder June 09, 2007
When you place a baseball cap over your face and another person blow weed smoke into it. You then suck all the smoke in from within the hat until its all inhaled.
Whenever, Sidney, Jessica, and a sassy gay guy get together a cap comes out and dro goes in for hat tricks all night!
by bigblackmofodadddy April 06, 2009
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