Having sex three times in one day with three different partners
I scored a hat trick...I fucked Eliza Brittney, and Suzi
by Joe Mama December 18, 2002
When you nut in a woman's pussy, ass and mouth all in the same night.
I hat tricked the girl I took home last night...it was epic!
by Nasty Niko September 28, 2012
In ice hockey when one individual player scores 3 or more goals. the third is called the hat trick. after the 3rd goal, fans and people in the stadium throw their hats onto the ice and cheer. this usually causes a delay of game because the alll the hats have to be cleaned up, but none the less a hat trick is still epic.
that nhl player rocks! he has already had 2 hat tricks this season and its only october!
by abbyyyyyyyy November 28, 2009
A sexual practice in which a male inserts his penis into three different holes on a female's body during one sexual encounter. The most common example would be a male inserting his penis in a female's mouth, vagina, and anus; all during one singular sexual encounter.
After sex, she could feel a great sorness in her mouth, ass, and pussy; after all, her boy had just scored a hat trick!
by 314inda517 March 01, 2009
To get Sex, Anal Sex and a blow Job of one girl
Peter "I completed the Hattrick with Victoria last night"
by moonbizzle December 10, 2009
"The GAME" an online soccer management game, so simple that you don't need to be a geek or a computer nerd to play it, just like soccer and the possiblity to have your own team, plus it doesnt take out much more time.
OMFG I've ascenced to the III league, I'm so close to glory...
by Dandyboy May 02, 2005
When drunk/passed out, and a person vomits, pisses, and shits the bed.
Droopalong was so drunk last night, he pulled a hat trick in his own bed. I say we burn his mattress while he's at the laundromat.
by cheepnis05 June 04, 2013

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