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A troll post that began on the newsgroup alt.tv.game-shows in 1998, was later posted in many forms, and spread throughout usenet groups such as alt.pro-wrestling.wwf, rec.sport.pro-wrestling, rec.arts.tv, alt.fan.billie-joel, and many others. It's a lame attempt to make fun of NBC's short-lived Jack Barry and Dan Enright produced "Hot Potato" hosted by the late Bill Cullen.
hat putato
Enduring Freedom Potato
kat putato
Potato be Hot
Patata Calliente
by Johnissoevil March 18, 2004

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A long running and most popular troll post on the newsgroup alt.tv.game-shows. It consists of a stupidly made up and mispelled concept on how the 1984 TV game show "Hot Potato" was played.
how wuz hat putato plaed? did bil kulin tos uh putato at thu kuntestintz? tat wud bu funi!
by The Troll Fighter March 17, 2004