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A guy who is seen wearing hats and never spotted without one, to the point where you're not really sure what the rest of the guy's head would look like in the absence of a hat.
Turtle on Entourage is pretty much a hat guy.
by cunnilingus linguist September 24, 2008
a reoccurring character in the web comic xkcd. a self described classhole with an outstanding arrest record. always seen in a black top hat.
person 1: i poked holes in your ramen noodles and condoms.

person 2: Dude, stop fucking pretending to be hat guy!!! You are not a fucking Stick Figure.
by IIAOPSW November 02, 2008
a person often seen wearing hats, a very talented artist, very smart and has a big dick also see bad mother fucker
did you see what hatguy made
by hatGuy February 04, 2010
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