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a tongue in cheek expression used to describe the excessive use of AP tests to such degree as to allow the person to skip over parts of college.

every asshole (and decent) AP teacher will tell you that AP tests provide the greatest amount of credits per dollar, so taking a lot of them is like going to college for cheap right guys?
person 1: Tommy must be out of his mind, last year he took AP Physics C mechanics and E&M, AP Calc BC, AP Stats and AP comp sci AB. this year hes taking AP Bio, AP Euro, AP U.S history, AP latin vergil, AP psychology, AP chemistry and AP Art. if he passes them all, he'll have like 12 credits.

person 2: sounds like he's going to collegeboard university. he might graduate there before graduating here!
by IIAOPSW May 10, 2010
a reoccurring character in the web comic xkcd. a self described classhole with an outstanding arrest record. always seen in a black top hat.
person 1: i poked holes in your ramen noodles and condoms.

person 2: Dude, stop fucking pretending to be hat guy!!! You are not a fucking Stick Figure.
by IIAOPSW November 02, 2008

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