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To be so intoxicated (drunk, stupified, etc.) that you will eat dirty food (off the floor, in the trash, sink, etc), as when the Hoff did with the pizza incident.
Dude: hey, five second rule (dropped donut on the ground and starts to eat it)...
Chick: dude, don't Hasslehoff that donut...
by Thy Lord thy Rob December 27, 2007
Verb: to have one too many shirt buttons undone.
"That hairy bear over there is totally hasselhoffing! Hey, hairy bear, button up, buttercup!"
by Adam June 08, 2004
A nervous wank that emphasizes speed and stealth.
Usually used when trying to aviod parents nearby, guests, teachers and/or classmates.
1. Man, my parents were having a party and i was a horny beast, so i had to hasslehoff my way through the night. Man im sore...
2. Cassidy was wearing a short ass skirt today, so I pulled a hasslehoff durring 2nd period
by I Am a Banana March 19, 2006
-Noun: Another way of calling someone or something a hassle, or pain in the ass.
John: Hey man, do you think you could give me a ride home?
Mike: Dude, you live like 50 miles away. Ya freaking hasslehoff..
by Lynsi Wacker August 27, 2009
Awesome, cool, hip, totally bangin'
Guy: That shirt you're wearing is so hasslehoff!
by loliver December 02, 2006