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A term used by members of the drinking/running club called the Hash House Harriers. It occurs when a member of such club is either excessively talking about hashing or tediously planning a hash trail.
Hasher 1: Where is Penis Fly Trap?
Hasher 2: Oh she's upstairs on Bing Maps hasturbating for her next June trail.
Hasher1: Jeebus it's been 2 hours!


Hasher 1: Dude! Last weeks trail had so much shiggy!! There was a wall of briars, and I swear Taint No Savior was going to need stitches! Then there was this tunnel that went on forever!!! OMG, and the beer check was up this creek and we had to swim-
Hasher2: I got it! I got! I missed a great trail. Quit hashturbating in front of me.
by P3nis Fly Trap April 30, 2015
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The overuse of hash-tags. (Coined from Hash-tag and masturbating)
"OMG Stop Hashturbating!"
by Magicgirl January 18, 2014

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