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Used by youth in Middle East - Dubai in particular - to describe a loser, wannabe, poser etc who hang around "the places to be" on the weekend just to be seen. Plural = "hashakel"
"Look at those hashakel hangin' around Burger King" or "Nah man i dont wanna go ther, too many hashakel"
by kikkoman69 June 08, 2004
a term used in the khaleej, particularly the UAE, that refers to certain nefarious characters and shady types that think they are gangstas or cool aka faris or farfoos. synonyms: poser,loser,gansta,wannabe,losah
Man that farfoos is such a hashkal.
by bumayed October 13, 2008
Best known for their defensive reply to "fronting". When someone of larger status confronts a smaller hashkal (yung bloodz) they will attempt to reason with the alpha-hashkal by saying "Hey, you- What did i did???".
Alpha Hashkal: Im going to kill your tshirt!
Yung Hashkal: Hey, you- Man! What did i did???
by A stylez September 02, 2006
thats a lie ^... HASHKALS kno how to get down yo.. just take a glimpse at the fuckin almariah.. u will want to join like no other.. they got no bitches, no cars, no drinks, no midwakh.. but yo the thing that makes the most sense about them is that they HATE Americans, but yo they love 2pac and 50 which are also americias yo.. so if u feel the urge to GET DOWN.. go thurr and say "AYYO i wanna get down!" they will come to u.. with there knuckledusters and attitudes.. just remember,, salgood..nahmeen
ima hashkal forreeal

U aint shit man
by Tyson K August 31, 2006
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