Top Definition is a site seemingly run by a group of friends with no real theme or idea for their site. So they pack it full of random crap and whore it to the maximum.
It contains a very poor collection of stupid pictures and videos that you have either seen before or wouldn't find funny anyway.
"Oh look, has another picture of a ricemobile! OMGLOL!!111"
"Dude, it wasn't funny the first time."
by FF45T1Z January 09, 2005
A group of friends obsessed with, loopback, cock and gay porn. Especially Mike.
Here at we like the cock.
by The Lord, Jesus Christ August 08, 2003
a small core group of egotistical losers who are too engrossed in having supersize 'hings' (bitchfest sessions) at each other and everything else, to realize that the peripheral members are tired to death of the stupid behaviour and would rather pursue more constructive things in life.
if there are no positive changes in attitude soon, is going to die a horrible and excrutiating death.
by August 15, 2003
to be knee deep in chop
chop, bumchop, asshat, HONDAS
by Sir ChopALOT August 10, 2003
A site run by a group of friends which ridicules the stupidity of certain modern attitudes and trends, e.g. rap music and nu-metal. Also contains some amusing videos, images and reviews. > you.
by July 19, 2003
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