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Brownies baked with marijuana for the intention of getting high.
You want some of these hash brownies?
Yeah, I need to get stoned.
by Sonya June 29, 2004
Chocolate brownies with cannabis in them.
Man these hash brownies are loaded
by Scottie June 27, 2004
A type of brownie (chocolatey delicious dessert treat)with hash added(an increasingly potent brick form of marijuana) and brought to be eaten at Stanley Kubrick films or Pink Floyd concerts.
Origin: a play on words, referring to the breakfast food made of diced potatoes, Hash Browns (not containing drugs)
Dude, you want some hash browns? Then we can watch cartoons all night and look at our hands.
by RockedToTheF*ckinCORE!!! June 27, 2004
Greek mythology related, probably the food of the gods, was made from pure goodness and highly enjoyful ingredients. the consumption of this food will bring the muncher the powers to fly... and... well... get high.
So I've told Zeus... MAN! These hash brownies are AWESOME!
by MunchMonk94769 June 13, 2007
Brownies made with marijuana aka Jamaican Brownies
The Rastafarian exchange student brought some hash brownies to class. It was a good day.
by chica June 28, 2004
chocolate brownies with marijuana added in with the other more customary ingredients.
when adding flour, sugar, et cetera, put in some bud
by MissTriss June 27, 2004
very like ordinary chocolate brownies but with "special" ingredients. not to be left around people with the munchies.
"wooooooooo, these brownies are totallllly cooooooooool" *everything suddenly becomes very funny*
by itcreaks June 28, 2004
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