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CB radio slang used by truck drivers for a drunk driver.
We got a harvey wallbanger southbound on 270 at Rockville.
by England phi beta gamma April 01, 2008
Alcoholic beverage prepared as such:

1 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Galliano
4 oz Orange juice

Mixing instructions:
Pour vodka and orange juice into a collins glass over ice cubes and stir. Float Galliano on top and serve.
Bartender: What'll it be? A Juicy Lucy?

Patron: No, I think I'll have a Harvey Wallbanger.
by AbnormalBoy April 17, 2004
1 fl oz vodka
4 fl oz orange juice
1/2 fl oz Galliano

Pour vodka and orange juice over ice cubes in a glass.
Stir and float Galliano on top.

The proper way to make this tasty beverage.
I woke up this morning with a thirst for HARVEY WALLBANGER.
by gofishgo May 17, 2007
When 2 people are munted and cant remember each others name, we refer to each other as... Harvey!! Harvey Wallbanger !!
Hey do me up a line of that Harvey Wallbanger eh!!!
by mickeynismocat February 23, 2008
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