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More intense then hardcore.
Dude, thats harshcore
by mChicago February 08, 2005
A combination of the words harsh and hardcore. It is used to describe something so extremely harsh that saying hardcore will not suffice.
Sameer: That guard just shot the girl ten times and her brain exploded.
Steph: This movie is harshcore!
by SinAwwwNim October 31, 2010
an example of extreme conditions. i.e. injuries, bad comments, faux pa, or general extreme actions or statements.
"Man, that was harshcore; that guy broke his arm in 6 places while eating chinese food"
by lipsticksmearedsuicidepumps August 19, 2008
Just as 'hardcore' is defined as intense, 'harshcore' is intense harshness.
Original: 'so i called her a slut, and told her she was useless' 'dude, harshcore'

Sarcastic: *girl does that finger clicking shit* *(excuse me?) face* 'woah..thats..so harshcore' *rolls eyes*
by Johnny Tz June 12, 2007