To act or speak in a rough or an insensitive manner
The father used some harsh words when dealing with his son.
by Gerard Irick November 30, 2009
Many meanings: tight, unfair etc
1. Going into an orphanage and singing 'We are family'
2.Strapping a bomb to the bottom of a wheelchair and telling the person in it to run for his life
3. Going to the english wheelchair baskettball team and telling them to try thier luck at slamball
4. Asking a person with both arms amputated to give u a hand
by Matt November 30, 2004
to be rude or cruel to somebody. synonyms:mean, jerkish, bitchy, bastardish, uncool, not cool
To say "your mamma's so fat, she has enough rolls to start a bakery" is harsh. For other terms, go consult another word because I seriously don't care.
by myself March 25, 2005
The process of having your throat burned followed by coughing by the smoke of inferior quality marijuana.
Damn that pot is garbage *cough* *cough*, I need some water.
by Oddjob July 01, 2004
man, this morning's calisthenics were harsh!
by mr.Tom January 10, 2003
Description of something that isn't very good or a girl that looks bad or is a grenade, you can describe anything as harsh if it is worse than normal or of it is lame.
Jordan: Oh look some bird just added me

Oliver: ahh man shes harsh!!

Jordan: agg
by Silkyoli November 01, 2010
Good, or excelent. another word for nang
Its bare harsh innit blad
by Rudeboi2004 March 01, 2004

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