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11 definitions by myself

Fantastic band!
Those Foo Fighters are really a fantastic band.
by Myself May 29, 2003
n00b13 = n00bie = noobie = newbie
part of the l33t sp34k
j00 1s 4 n00b13
by myself June 09, 2004
The cool girls of the internet.
The board many attempt to mimic and aspire to be.
The pinnacle of internet success.
Ex.: JavaJane tries so hard to be Sybermoms, yet their attempt is sadly idiAtic.

PansyAndy would love to be a Sybermom.
by Myself April 16, 2004
North american goddess of beauty (see also kuzco)
by Myself August 12, 2003
The best group of people on the net!
Ooo those fooboaders are jolly nice folk.
by Myself May 29, 2003
JavaJane member.
Apparently common misspelling by white trash rednecks with no common sense.
PansyAndy is such an idiAt.
by Myself April 16, 2004
for use in scrabble
Flematte is a word
by myself October 21, 2003