An amazing, funny, kind person with beautiful big eyes. They are generous, and brutally honest. very intelligent and good at everything. very witty and creative but sometimes afraid to show their feelings. an amazing lover and girlfriend :)
wow that girl is amazing!

Yeea she s a Harriet
by buzzii beee August 29, 2010
Top Definition
Meaning a wonderful girl in all senses. Perfect girlfriend and perfect friend.
wow, you really are a harriet!
by whizz kid September 03, 2006
Any sexy Asian woman. Has to be sexy. Other wise she's not a "Harriet"
There are not too many sexy women I know named Harriet, but today I met a sexy Asian lady named Harriet, so therefore Harriet is now a sexian Asian woman
by daywalkz23 September 18, 2010
a very sexy girl, with a high sex-drive, and a high intelligence.
I want my girlfriend to be a harriet
by Friskay March 04, 2009
a sexy beast who will make horny faces when she sees you. she's great in bed and doesn't bother with protection, she just wants your babies.
'geeez, did you see that girl making sexual faces at me?'

'yeah, shes such a harriet'
by chloe. :D January 27, 2009
Lovely, kind person who everyone loves :)
"Shes so nice, i think i should call her Harriet :)"
by plophead_x April 10, 2009
She's beautiful, kind and warm. To be around her is like being around magic, you feel a glow inside, a touch or a smile can give you a rush like no other. She doesn't realise how incredible she is, her brains and wit can bring a smile to your face even in the darkest of times. If you're lucky enough ever to hold Harriet in your arms, you'll know what I know, she's an actual angel! I love Harriet x xxxx xxx
"Harriet is my one"
by dannyboyh November 10, 2011
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