A beautiful girl with huge, stunning eyes. Usually has brown curly hair and loves the color black. Very shy at first but once you get to know her she is outgoing.
Boy 1: Bro I just met this cute girl name Harley
Boy 2: Your so lucky!
by hottieboby April 23, 2015
in the game of extreme rock paper scissors he beats everything including lava,a blow job,the great spirit,chuck Norris. if words were weapons his name would be most definitely a nuke,if you say his name three times in the dark in front of a mirror with a dead cat hanging out of your ass and speak the ancient phrase sex be nimble sex be quick hel eat your face shit it out wipe his ass with your poop face then do it with TP for a courtesy wipe
Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Nuf said Harley
by shit kitten spawn of ass fuck April 25, 2011
The bestest most amazing person you will ever meet. If harley is for a girl she is beautiful and kind but aggressive when she needs to be
Do you see Harley over there she is so pretty
by Verhaar March 11, 2015
A strong, caring boy, he has a lot of friends. Very talented. Extremely hot too. You may fall for him, but soon after you see him as your best friend.
1. I used to like my best friend, Harley a lot, but now we're just friends.
by Skyla Jackson December 28, 2013
Harley Davidson, Harley for short, is a motorcycle manufacturer born from the minds of Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson in Milwaukee in the year 1903. By 1908 the company Harley Davidson was born.

Originally built as 1 cylinder racing bikes, Bill Harley decided to try his hand at a 45 degree V-twin. Contrary to popular belief, Harley Davidson did NOT invent the V-twin. Since that first build Harley has not drastically changed their engines. Some of the more notable changes to the Harley were:

1914 - A sidecar was added and Harley entered into serious racing with the "Wrecking Crew"

1915 - The 3 speed transmission was introduced.

1918 - The single cylinder engine was discontinued.

1926 - Single cylinder engines were re-introduced

1928 - The first twin cam engine and front wheel brakes.

In the 1950's the Hell's Angels helped bolster the image of the Harley. These outlaws used Harley Sportsters because they were fast, easy to work on, reliable and cheap. They were also appealing to members because most were ex-military and rode Harleys during their service years. Ironically enough, the bike that was the standard for the real Outlaw Bikers of America are now referred to as "girl bikes" or "Skirtsters".

In the early 60's Harley Davidson started losing its grip as the "Leader of the Pack". Foreign motorcycle manufacturers started producing more powerful, lighter and more reliable bikes at far lower cost.

In 1969, due to financial struggle, Harley Davidson merged with AMF. Unfortunately, the quality drastically decreased and sales plummeted. in 1981 senior members bought back the share from AMF and got quality control back in line.

From that point Harley became more of a status symbol than a high performance machine. Still relying on the very inefficient 45 degree v-twin, they continue to pump out slow and uninspired models that look far too much like the previous year. Overpriced, underpowered and built with more than 75% of the parts manufactured overseas, people still flock to purchase a Harley because it has somehow come to stand for America and for being tough.

Author's note: I used to ride Harleys and used to believe in what they stood for. Then I was cured of my brainwashing when I wanted to purchase a new bike this year. $18,000 for a slow, ugly 75% Jap bike that claims to be American is far too much. By this definition the Honda VTX1300C that I purchased instead is American as it is assembled in Maryland. It is also far more powerful and reliable and costs $8,000.

Before any ignorant HOG zealots decide to fire off any insults and tell me how you think you are all "1 percenters" and you are going to kick my ass (GOD, I can't believe I even associated with you morons) do me a favor... take off your Harley shirt and read the inside tag. Where was it made? Yep, China, Pakistan, Mexico... American, my ass! Stop feeding the fake persona that is HD!
person 1 "Is that a Harley?"
person 2 "Yup, a real Harley Davidson."
person 1 "Easy Rider has convinced me that HD is the only real American motorcycle! I want to buy one but my wife won't let me."
by Rodent042 March 16, 2007
(v.) When a product or service inflates its price so high, it alienates its original customer base or demographic that gave the brand cachet. Subsequently, the new customer base is often the opposite of the original in terms of style, prestige, or "cred".

origin: Harley motorcycles are now so expensive that the people who originally helped cement their image of iconic rebellion can no longer afford them, and what's more it does not make sense for a scrappy, rebellious type to give a large corporation money. Who does have the money? Bankers, accountants, and other "weekend warriors" who are anathema to the original zeitgeist of what the brand embodied.
"I'd love to go see Van Halen, if they happen to be back together this week, but the cheapest ticket is $100. Man, they totally Harleyed."

"I'd love to get some indie film tips, but SXSW is all velvet ropes and trust funds now. It didn't take them too long to Harley, did it?"
by Actionfigure00 August 31, 2013
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