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(v.) When a product or service inflates its price so high, it alienates its original customer base or demographic that gave the brand cachet. Subsequently, the new customer base is often the opposite of the original in terms of style, prestige, or "cred".

origin: Harley motorcycles are now so expensive that the people who originally helped cement their image of iconic rebellion can no longer afford them, and what's more it does not make sense for a scrappy, rebellious type to give a large corporation money. Who does have the money? Bankers, accountants, and other "weekend warriors" who are anathema to the original zeitgeist of what the brand embodied.
"I'd love to go see Van Halen, if they happen to be back together this week, but the cheapest ticket is $100. Man, they totally Harleyed."

"I'd love to get some indie film tips, but SXSW is all velvet ropes and trust funds now. It didn't take them too long to Harley, did it?"
by Actionfigure00 August 31, 2013
in the game of extreme rock paper scissors he beats everything including lava,a blow job,the great spirit,chuck Norris. if words were weapons his name would be most definitely a nuke,if you say his name three times in the dark in front of a mirror with a dead cat hanging out of your ass and speak the ancient phrase sex be nimble sex be quick hel eat your face shit it out wipe his ass with your poop face then do it with TP for a courtesy wipe
Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Nuf said Harley
by shit kitten spawn of ass fuck April 25, 2011
This sex position requires a lot of energy, strength, and balance for both male and female. The male is standing up and the female has her legs wrapped up around the males waist facing down. The male holds her arms like handles of a motorcycle.
"hey bro my legs and my arms are so sore from last night. I rode my harley all night."
by fifi the booty bandit November 18, 2009
A strong, caring boy, he has a lot of friends. Very talented. Extremely hot too. You may fall for him, but soon after you see him as your best friend.
1. I used to like my best friend, Harley a lot, but now we're just friends.
by Skyla Jackson December 28, 2013
The coolest cat ever! He never backs down from a challenge. His Tiki hut and Hawaiin girl tatoo prove his laid back style. The only man able to silence a room with his eyes. He is "the Man" for sure! On a cold night you wished you were next to him. All the ladies love him!
He acted so suave, "he pulled a Harley"

That Harley is so Awesome!

Never attempt to mess with a Harley! He will take you down!
by His#1girl November 21, 2011
A beautiful, mature girl. She's a tough, athletic, and strong girl that doesn't let anything get in her way. She cares about everyone and everything. Even when she doesn't want to. She tries to cheer you up as soon as se can. She has the best friends a girl could ever ask for. She loves to hang out with her friends and family. When it comes to her personal life though, she is in no mood for sharing. Harley tries to stay far away for drama as she possibly can.
"I love to hang out with my beautiful daughter harley."
by Bridges_32 February 25, 2014
A beautiful brunette girl known to have big boobs or a big ass. She's amazing in so many ways and she can put the biggest smile upon your face! Some underestimate her talents, she's an excellent dancer and she is really good at Volleyball. She has a big smile and a big heart! Her only weakness is showing her spouse/partner how much she cares for them. She's amazing in bed & just like a Harley Davidson Motocycle she's LOUD!
Mike: Did you see that new girl?
Daniel: Yeah, she's brunette & has big boobs? I think she's a Harley!
by JuJubean March 13, 2012