An ugly high-riding, overpowered, crappy -motorcylce brand. Harleys are liked mostly by middle-aged bikers in their 40's, 50's, and even 60's, who think that they’re badass.
Who would buy some booty Harley when s\he can ride low and fast on a BMW bike?
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005
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the most amazing person ever.
Everybody is jealous of harley
by Rapidkilla January 18, 2010
The most beautiful girl on the face of the Earth.
Her icy blue eyes make your heart melt and her perfect smile and giddy laughter will make you happy no matter what.
Harley cares about everything, no matter how much she might deny it.
You just can't help but fall in love with her.
"You seem really happy today. What's up?"
"I've been talking to Harley all day. (:"
by bleeblob June 02, 2009
a motor vehicle that is loud, but not fast

a motor vehicle that sounds like it is going like hell, but isn't
Guy #1 "Did you hear that shit box Camaro go by?"

Guy #2 "I sure did, it was running like a Harley."
by Q-City Wordsmith June 16, 2009
Nickname of one having a large penis.
After seeing the hARley get a boner, I had to get stictches in my right eye.
by RawrRawrReptar October 24, 2010
A guy with a great size penis ! he gives you a good time
i had sex wity harley last night, it was awesome !
by Harl3y November 21, 2010
Short for Harley Davidson, a marque of American made motorcycle. Manufactured since 1903, the Harley Davidson's most recognizable features are it's 45-degree V Twin engine and distinct exhaust sound.

Harley Davidson dominated the American motorcycle market until the mid-1960's when Honda introduced a line of smaller-displacement less intimidating lightweight bikes. The smaller Japanese bikes could not match the performance of the then ing-of-the-hill Sportster, a bona fide street racer and land-speed record holder and still the best selling middleweight motorcycle in history.

But, the less-intimidating Japanese machines became top-sellers, and changing times hurt Harley Davidson sales.

Harley Davidson was acquired by AMF in the 1960s and quality, along with sales, plummeted. The "AMF Years" almost dealt a death-blow to Harley-Davidson and saddled the motorcycles with a bad reputation which has, unfortunately, been hard to shake, even though the current production bikes have a reputation among motorcyclists as having almost bulletproof reliability.

In the 1980s, Harley was bought back from AMF and completely re-vamped. Quality was back, and customers flocked to dealers, and still do.
Rode my Harley to Sturgis last year
by Dr. Badwrench November 05, 2005
To do a harley. Is to vibrate ones lips on the clitoris and make a vibrating, V-twin engine sound, that not only entertains the recipient of the cunilingis, but also acts to vibrate and arose the said area.
Girl1: Oh my god last night this guy did a harley on me.

Girl2: Really, was it good?

Girl1: Yeh it was amazing, but it was loud and my dad thought there was a motorbike in my room.

Girl2: I really want one, will you show me?

Girl1: sure.

Example 2:

Guy1: I did a harley on a girl last night and she was wetter than an otter's pocket.
by hearleyone January 16, 2010

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