Line of American motorcycles first manufactured in 1903 by William Harley and Arthur Davidson that are nowadays generally overpriced and underpowered.

Harleys are commonly referred to as "hogs," which is an allusion to the deep, throaty rumble the typical Harley exhaust emits. The loud exhaust noise is the basis for countless "all bark and no bite" references in relation to typical Harley engine performance. "Hog" is also an acronym for "Harley Owners Group."

Harleys utilize the antiquated and inefficient V-twin engine design, which is a Harley trademark in much the same way tumors are a trademark of cancer victims. While even older V-twin engines boast an excellent amount of low-end torque, most V-twin engines redline at about 5000 to 6000 RPM which severely hampers any effort made to achieve quick acceleration. In contrast, many sportbikes redline at 10000 to 15000 RPM--double the amount of torque, which means you can accelerate harder for a longer period of time before having to change gears on a sportbike.

Despite advances in the construction of the V-twin engine, such as the 1450cc Twin Cam 88 (1999) and the 1130cc V-rod (2002), the fact of the matter is that neither engine design is worth their weight in gold because both still utilize the inefficient V-twin template. Granted, the current V-rod is a powerful and formidable engine that allows for much quicker acceleration than previous models, but Japanese (Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha) and Italian (Ducati) manufacturers, using an array of different engine constructs such as the in-line 4-cylinder design, have been outperforming Harley's lousy V-twin concepts for decades.

Once the mechanical horses of vicious outlaws such as the infamous Hell's Angels and a piece of machinery that commanded respect, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are now nothing more than status symbols for doctors, lawyers, and other yuppie scum who don't know the first goddamn thing about riding safely but will waste $20000-$30000 on a bike regardless. The aforementioned vicious outlaws can no longer afford to buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles, so they spend their time hanging out in sleazy bars and reminiscing over what could have been. Or they take the initiative and ride Hondas, like the gangs in the Charles Bronson movie "Death Wish."

It is a joke among the motorcycling community that "H/D," the initials of the company namesake, stand for "Hunn'rd Dollars" as opposed to "Harley-Davidson." The reasoning behind the joke is that Harley knows the yuppies who buy their bikes will buy anything with the Harley logo on it without considering the price, so Harley exploits their customers by charging at least $100 for even the most trivial accessories.

In the late 1960s, Harley-Davidson was having many financial woes so they merged with recreation giant AMF. AMF produced, among other things, bowling balls and golf carts. AMF used the merger as an opportunity to slap the Harley logo on many non-motorcycle-related things they produced, such as their golf carts. So if someone ever says "my grandmother rides a Harley," they are probably being witty in referring to the fact that their grandmother (drives) an AMF-produced golf cart with the Harley logo emblazoned on it. (To be fair, Yamaha also produces golf carts, motorcycles, keyboards and computer equipment but riding a Yamaha has never held the same amount of prestige as riding a Harley, so their reputation suffers little.)

Most Harley enthusiasts agree that while it was essential to the rebirth of the Harley-Davidson corporation, nothing good was produced during the merger of AMF and Harley. The bikes produced using AMF's resources were (by and large) crap, but many motorcycling enthusiasts would argue that some things never change. People bought the AMF-produced bikes though, which helped boost Harley-Davidson financially through the 70s as they competed against a flood of cheaper Japanese bikes entering the market. In 1981 H/D and AMF split and Harley-Davidson became an independent company again.
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by Siegfried Zaga May 22, 2005
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The most effective way to turn gasoline into noise without producing any horsepower
Wow that Harley Davidson is as loud as a semi, too bad it doesn't have the horsepower to get itself up that hill!
by CrotchRocketer May 29, 2009
A once proud brand of motorcycles that were originally only owned by legit badasses back in the day. Sadly sometime in the `80s posers got into the act and Harley Davidson began to become more concerned with merchandising rather than building decent bikes and it became acceptable for doctors, lawyers, and fat bald guys having a midlife crisis to ride Harleys.

If you own a Harley Davidson edition anything you're not a bad-ass you're a pathetic poser urinating allover the once proud name of Harley Davidson. Fuckin' trendys always ruin everything.
Harley Davidson is now the very definition of selling out.
by DennisIsEvil July 14, 2006
A twenty cent motorcycle with a twenty grand paint job (that rust will come through given time) corners like a jellyfish on acid.
Tom's Harley Davidson had rust coming through the paintwork, and it cornered like a jellyfish on acid.
by Euromark December 04, 2006
Once a great bike that was ridden by the baddest of the bad asses but has evolved into being the 2 wheeled sofas of RUB’s.
If you want something with a radio, GPS, a heater, cruise control and back support you should buy a sedan, not a Harley Davidson.
by Mr Wall July 13, 2006
harley davidson motorcycles. a all bark no bite cry for attention, unreliable, sounds very annoying and cant jump out of its own way.. most harley davidson riders think american bikes are #1 hahahaha.....
buy a harley buy the best ride a mile walk the rest

harley davidson
by slow ej2 March 17, 2008
Myth: Harley Davidson's are made in the U.S.A.
Fact: Most parts come from Japan and Germany.
LOL at all Harley riders: the joke is on you!

P.S. My bike, '97 HONDA CBR-900RR, will destroy your Hardley Ableson for dinner on the street or at the track. Don't give me that long ride B.S. either, I ride for hours straight and only stop for fuel.
Harley Davidson's suck, end of story.
by NatassataN July 01, 2006
The most effective machine at turning gas into noise without the side effect of horsepower.
"You hear how loud that Harley Davidson was?"

"So? It's slow, heavy, and can't turn or brake"
by Sondebeech April 15, 2010
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