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When you use a sniper rifle like it should be used and actually aim using the sights. Seen to be inferior to its counter-part Quick Scoping as the shot isn't determined by luck or a glitch in the game.

Also the only real method of sniping in reality.
CoD Addict: D00d! WTF!? Hard scoping n00b!
Hard Scoper: The sights are there for a reason, why don't you try quickscoping in real life.
by CrazyWebGuy June 26, 2011
A term used to describe an FPS player (particularly COD) who uses a sniper rifle by aiming down the scope for more than one second. It is often frowned upon by plenty of people in the COD player base due to the more popular but not necessarily effective tactic of quick-scoping and because of how unstylish COD players seem to look at is as. This term is described to be unjust by other players because that is how the all FPS games intend for sniper rifles to be used.

Player: Then what's the point of using a sniper rifle then?
by Yeshnawzz October 22, 2011
Used when using a sniper rifle (preferebly in a fps). Hard scoping is when you aim down your sights for more than about half a second it is known to be 'noob' especially in a 'quick scope' battle
You are hard scoping, dont do that or you will be kicked
by possum boy April 18, 2011
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