the little box in your computer you use to store all your vivid videos .
damn man !!! i need another hard drive to put all my bootytalk videos .
by teknopat April 10, 2007
Something the FBI of your country would be searching for in your home right know.
Man: OMG!!! Why is the FBI crashing through my front door?! FBI: For your Hard Drive, bitch.
by supern00b April 20, 2010
This usually happens when you drive a '98 Ford Focus on some rocks...
Steve: Arg, this is a hard drive!
John: Are you trying to say my car's a box?
by OldTimeyJunk November 02, 2010
that dirty little thing in Bill gates pants that he always wants cleaned by those expensive bus stop hookers.
Bill gates asked crackhead mandy to "clean out" his hard drive for him.
A small metal box with which all your saving'5 4r3 belong to u5 . You don't have any wealth in this situation. All of your saving can be stolen by B3n Bern4nk??? with the press of a button
We jj33w '5 will expand our F3D balance sheet by another Trillion. You have no real wealth or store of "m0&3y". It is all just a number on a hard drive. Your whole lif3"""s s4vings are just a number on a hard drive.

We can take it away with the pre55 of a butt0on.

^^^l33t 5p34k for f1lt3r5. the m4st3r'5 0ppr35510n@#$% ^^^
by I hate inflation March 20, 2009
about 3/4 through sex, when you are really fucking some bitch and just about to jizz.
man that last 30 seconds of our fuck was my best hard drive in weeks!
by pfloyd February 20, 2003

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