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This usually happens when you drive a '98 Ford Focus on some rocks...
Steve: Arg, this is a hard drive!
John: Are you trying to say my car's a box?
#hard #drive #car #ford #computer #twist
by OldTimeyJunk November 02, 2010
Usually how many MB's are left after you've just installed Windows Vista on a 320Gig Hard Drive.
Teacher: Why Haven't you done your Homework James?
Pupil (James): I don't have the room for a text file larger than 97 Letters as I only have 957MB left.
Teacher: Why's That?
Pupil (James): I have Windows Vista.
#computer #space #hard #drive #pc
by OldTimeyJunk November 02, 2010
A word English people use instead of "OH MY GOD! MY CAR IS A FORD!!"
A word Australian people use instead of "Anal Sex"
English: "Ah, Buggar it. Lets go to the pub"
Australian: "I want to Buggar Him!"
#buggar #blast #anal #sex #woohoo
by OldTimeyJunk August 30, 2010
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