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An unpleasant sensation caused by touching certain materials like velvet, peaches, or velour. Haptodysphoria is neither a fear nor slang, and shouldn't be in this dictionary.
haptodysphoria: "I'm haptodysphoric, which means I hate touching certain kinds of materials."
by melquíades February 19, 2008

An odd sensation felt by certain people when handling peaches or other fuzzy surfaces.
Man the way he handles my haptodysphoria is like "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Yo' check out the haptodysphoria on that one. a lil fuzz is all it does.

Thats some sexy haptodysphoria for you Buddie.
by didelphiaKjean April 17, 2010
Fear of fuzzy fruits and or fuzzy surfaces.
I have an extreme haptodysphoria (fear of kiwi's and peaches). My friends chase me around with them. I lock myself in the bathroom.
by Stef B. August 31, 2006
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