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balls, testicles, nuts.
"His happy sacks were slapping her arse good and proper"
by stouffer and stuey November 10, 2002
The little skin sporran that a male keeps his knackers safely locked up in.
"Oh Christ ... I've just been kicked in the happy sack ... I'll never have kids!"
by Wizards Sleeve June 07, 2005
A small bean-filled ball which you lob around classrooms for fun.
Hey MJ, chuck me the happysack! I want a piece of that pie!
by Barry June 04, 2004
Breast implants. After breast cancer, breast reconstruction gives a woman back her shape and confidence. Using saline or silicon, acquiring implants is a good thing! Slang for natural breasts are so affectionate; too bad so many slang terms for implants are negative.
"I got silicone happy sacks, and I feel curvy again."
by Curvy Cancer Survivor December 30, 2009
re-useable sandwich and snack bags now called snackTAXI
Happy sacks (now snackTAXI)like a ziplock bags but better for the environment
by KMurray February 23, 2009
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