A round yellow jolly thing with eyes and a smiling mouth.
I have a happy face sticker.
by Dee July 24, 2004
The face a man pulls when having sexual intercourse. Similar to that of a warface for some men. If participating in a group sexual activity, a man may be exposed to another man's happy face.
I do not want to see another man's happy face.
by Binny from Bev Road April 09, 2008
a word used to express hapiness of pleasure in something.
when i saw that i was ao happy-face.
by emo-emote2696 March 25, 2010
when you are soo drunk you cant help but smile. You also can be blind-folded with dental floss.
I had happy face after about 25 beers and 6 hours of non-stop drinking.
by Dave-izzle September 27, 2005

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