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Minneapolis'(Minnesota) area code. People often call Minneapolis "tha 612".
"Tha club is up in tha 612"
by omgmary April 30, 2006
When someone is really tall. Male or Female.
Damn that girl is tall she is like 6 12
by Gozzy September 24, 2006
When a guy pops a hard on resembling that of a clock's hands going from 6 to 12 (midnight). Another expression for erect penis.
Dude did you see that hot chick walk by? I'm def. six twelve-ing it.

When she's dancing like that on me, I can't help but pop a 612
by sageberry420 August 31, 2010
The number expressing black dick
Row: Dude, did you see that fat ugly 612
Dan: Yeah man it was f***** ugly
by I Stalk u June 12, 2010
When you see something so orgasmic (like walking into a bar and seeing your entire league of kickball teams playing flip cup on 8 different tables, or Bar Rafaeli naked) that you feel as excited as you do when you get hard. Thus, you go from the 6 position (on a clock) to the 12 in your head, hence going from 6 to 12, or just 612. Other uses: 612 mafia - for all those in the know.
Dude, when I saw the Red Sox hit 4 straight homers that one year, yea, 612. But last night when I was too drunk to get it up, I couldn't even get to 630. Good thing too, she was ghastly.
by HomodadNo May 01, 2009
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