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When a man has an erection in his pants and it is fairly noticable
Billy woke up with happy pants!
by Celli3 April 25, 2006
Cool comfortable and unique collection of pants. Usually the texture and colors are bright and very attractive to the eye.
David is wearing his happy pants!
by happydave April 20, 2011
when a human tends to get very horny and stays horny for a long period of time(48 hours)
Jimmy,"Dude did u see Sandra in that thong yesterday?" Ren, " yeah man, i can't stop thinking about it, ive been happypants for a while!"
by Disarmed Milk February 15, 2005
when ones pants are stretched out due to penis elongation
When eric middleman sees a young child covered in spoiled milk
by Boys October 17, 2003
General term for someone who either is gay or acts gay. Usually denotes an effeminate male.
Ever since Celine Dion announced she was playing in town, happypants over there hasn't stopped talking about it.
by theseanman December 06, 2008
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