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A happy person. More often it seems to be used with "not" to describe unhappiness. It has been in usage for at least 10 years now, where or how it was originated is currently unknown.
"That man who just got rear ended in the car accident does not look like a happy camper!"
by BeckyJeanL October 06, 2005
The term Happy Camper originates from the quote, "Not a Happy Camper".

It has been in use for over 20 years.

It's origins are similar to that of the term "Touron" which is a cross between a tourist and a moron. These terms began and are currently widely used in the resort industry and National Park Service.

It was in use as early as 1986 Yosemite National Park by employees of the Yosemite Park and Curry Company.
Laura was not a "Happy Camper' when a bear ate all her food.
by Amadscientist April 10, 2009
Quite literally, someone who is happy doing what they're doing, or has just had a happy experience.
If you're not a happy camper, then you've just had a bad experience.
I went to sleep-away camp in the 1960's-1970's, and this was an old expression counselors used back then. They'd ask us kids, "Are you all happy campers?" to check with us that we were OK. It was a situational rhyme.
by Lisa in MA July 05, 2012
A grew with leaders knows as Stanky dick , Tickleshits, Shithead (shiteeed), an Claxton,an Crippled Cougar who Fuck shit up!
Person 1:Ayyee i heard the happy campers live around here
Person 2: Ohh shit there the Realest niggas in the game
by Tyrese Williams May 14, 2014
quite simply to be put as a man who enjoys grasping the manbeef
man1: dayum, that hc gives some fine mudda fuggin nuthugging..
man2: oath its like get on your knees and camp on my cock you happy mofo
by god March 22, 2003
A word that is interchangeable with 'cheater'.
Blaster: Hey, that guy's a HappryCamper!

Sir_Knumbskull: Ok! Who's HappyCamping!?
by Era en Broma March 25, 2003
This term refers to a male wearing underwear (or pants) who has an erection (i.e., the tent pole). A man sporting a "tent in his pants" is assumed to be a "happy camper".

Makes perfect sense now, doesn't it?
"Look who's the happy camper this morning."
by jdiyef June 17, 2007
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