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Jokes, usually bad, performed by third graders.
"Yo moma is like a bowling ball: Waxed, fingered, then thrown in the gutter"
by Teksta April 20, 2005
To get high is to smoke weed.
Hay, dude, you wanna get high?
by Teksta April 18, 2005
Black suburban and/or rich kid that that speeks, dresses, acts like he is from the ghetto.
Look at that white trash nigga talkin' shit about how bad he's got it.
by Teksta April 18, 2005
It stands for:Why You Trippin
Guy 1-My cunt of a girlfriend dented my car.
Guy 2-Yo, dude, WYT. Your car was crap anyway!
by Teksta May 16, 2005
A natural supplement that in legal and makes you feel happy, like x
I took two caps of happy camper today, then someone robbed me, I got my car stolen, and my family died in a fire, but it's cool, whatever.
by Teksta April 25, 2005

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