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to cause happiness.
"Yo, i'm gonna happify that broad if it kills me!"
by rude1awakening October 13, 2012
1 1
To be made happy or instigate happiness.
Eating strawberry pie happifies me.
It is a happifying experience.
I am happified.
by Zumo September 18, 2004
17 7
To be extremely happy or to become happy due to something that makes you happy.
When one is sad they may need to be happier and thus may need to happify.
Person: I don't PMS I PMH instead!
Person 2: What's PMH ?
Person: Pre Menstrual happify of course!
by Mrsronweasley June 20, 2007
4 4
To pleasure oneself.
I've been watching hardcore porn and need to happify.
by Scrunchy HigginsmcBean August 05, 2006
4 19