To be extremely happy or to become happy due to something that makes you happy.
When one is sad they may need to be happier and thus may need to happify.
Person: I don't PMS I PMH instead!
Person 2: What's PMH ?
Person: Pre Menstrual happify of course!
by Mrsronweasley June 20, 2007
Top Definition
To be made happy or instigate happiness.
Eating strawberry pie happifies me.
It is a happifying experience.
I am happified.
by Zumo September 18, 2004
to cause happiness.
"Yo, i'm gonna happify that broad if it kills me!"
by rude1awakening October 13, 2012
To pleasure oneself.
I've been watching hardcore porn and need to happify.
by Scrunchy HigginsmcBean August 05, 2006
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