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Hanukkackh is the erect penis that is induced by the Jewish holiday hanukkah.

The hanukkackh is slightly out shined by the jingledink but is just as passionate as the jingledink and sometimes even more so.

Hanukkackh is the the two words hanukkah and cock or (cackh) combined.
Danny: Wow, my hanukkackh has never been this intense before!
Arin: Must be all those skittles you've been eating.
Danny: Nah I think it's because this hanukkah i'm spending it with the people I love.
Arin: Awh, man i'm glad that you feel that way. So yah wanna slap your hanukkackh on my jingledink?
Danny: God damnit Arin!
Arin: But look how big it is!
Barry: Das amazin.
by Holiday Hog February 02, 2014
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