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Hansing is a pet name form of the german christian name Hans. The first person who used Hansing as a surname was Hans von Vieregge, who didn't like his name because it sounds funny in his new environment. He left his home in Mecklenburg for Steinhude. His Mother called him "Hansing" as he was a child. This is the version told in my family.
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
To be completely obsessed with oneself. To be egocentric.
To feel like the world is revolving around you.
The most popular boy in school loved hansing, or believing that all the girls in school liked him.
#egocentric #self-centered #obsessed #humble #modest #hanzing
by toweltowel February 15, 2012
A variation on planking in which a person is pictured looking to their right with a blank look on their face making an upside-down diamond with their hands. This action is named for Hans Thompson who announces on HDNet Fights and uses this pose pretty much constantly when on camera.
A group of Hooters waitresses was seen Hansing for the camera.
#planking #tebowing #meme #pose #picture #mma
by Alanbly January 07, 2012
the emulation of foreign - english dialects.
ROFL. that guy thought we were german! but we were just hansing.
by Rod Hilter November 05, 2002
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