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Wearing a colored hanky to identify sexual preferences within leather, or BDSM community. The color dictates your interest(s).

Black: Paingames, Whipping

Dark Blue: Fucking

Brown: Shit

Grey: Bondage

Red: Fisting

White: Wanking

Yellow: Piss

Which pocket is also important: left = top, right = bottom
Mike: Hey Jimmy, why does Paulie have a red hanky in his right pocket?

Jimmy: Oh that? He just wants some guy to stick his fist in his ass. That's his hanky code.

Mike: Well why do you have a brown one in your left pocket?

Jimmy: Go away.
by Bok May 11, 2006
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A code used by the homosexual community to let others know what they're "into". i.e. if a boy wears a light blue hanky in his back pocket, that means he's into oral sex.
Hey, the hanky code says that guy would be into you!
by Ky December 25, 2004
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