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N. The feeling of disbelief, regret and disorientation experienced upon waking up the morning after a night of clumsy, awkward drunken gay sex. Often accompanied by a sore asshole and the sour taste of alcohol mixed with seminal fluid, which can also be found in a dried state somewhere on the body, most often the chest, abs or face. Other evidence one has a hangayver includes the presence of another guy's boxers and/or jeans, anal lube, more than one used, dirty condom, a towel for "clean up" or the presence of another boy in your bed or showering frantically in your bathroom.
1 -- Boy #1: "Sup bro how was the party last night?"
Boy #2: (long pause) "Dude I don't know. I keep remembering wrestling around with some bro." (another long confused pause). "Were you over here last night man because some dude left his pants out on the couch."
Boy #1: (eyes a pair of boxers and used condoms on his friend's bed) "No... bro what's with the condoms? Did you hook up with a guy??"
Boy #2: "Whatever man. I gotta shit I feel like there's a tree up my ass."
Boy #1: "Ok dude, whatever. Enjoy your hangayver."
by ucfryan November 07, 2006
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