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the act of stroking a penis until it ejaculates.
i got a bomb ass handskis when i woke up this mourning.
by Ryan w. Herman-Haywood June 12, 2008
3 1
Another term for a handjob.
Liz gave Derek a handski last night.
by Stugdxgdxbv December 11, 2007
51 10
Alternate term for a handjob.
In Stillwater, Oklahoma, they skip the handski and go straight for the mouthski - Officer Slater (Superbad deleted scenes).
by JJ Hard-on December 22, 2007
33 7
To place ones hand on a large vouluptous vainey penis and while hand in place motion it upwords and down then in and\or around ones mouth.
Shaniqua "came" over the other day. bitch got good hand ski's
by Doon Coon May 02, 2008
13 2
To have a female rub your penis with her hand. Either to climax or not.
She was on her period so all I got was a handski.
by delta foxtrot May 04, 2008
14 5