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oral pleasure. a blow-j. when a lady proceeds to wrap her lips around the tip of a gentleman's penis.

ways to increase your chances of recieving mouthski:
1) buy her a binyon's (or pbr, high life, etc)
2) compliment her on her tote bag
3) take your niece to see her dressed as a mall santa (only if you are into bigger girls...all meat and no potato...know what i mean?)

the girls in broken arrow, oklahoma skip the handski and go right to the mouthski. if you find a real freak, you may even get the footski.
by officer slater January 16, 2008
Term used to refer to oral sex.

Syn. Bj, head, dome
Damn yo, did you at least get a mouthski?
by scampanon July 10, 2009
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