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Involving active participation.

Someone with a hands-on way of doing things becomes closely involved in managing and organizing things and in making decisions.

Someone who has hands-on experience of something has done or used it rather than just read or learned about it.

"Hands-on investor" is an investor who has a large stake in a corporation and takes an active role in its management.
1.) I'm a 'hands-on' kind of manager so I don't stay in my office with the door always closed.

2.) Many employers consider hands-on experience to be as useful as academic qualifications.

3.) She's very much a hands-on manager.
by VAKI5 May 17, 2005
1. active and practical

2. controlled manually rather than automatically.
My teacher has a hands-on policy.
by The Return Of Light Joker November 07, 2007
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