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High ponytails on a female. Named so for ability to use these as a control during oral sex, rather like the same thing on a bike.
"I can't wear handlebars around him anymore, he damn near pulled my hair out last time."
by CasKat March 29, 2006
a xanex bar a presctiption pill for pain but also sold on tha street. Makes u feel real good.
so my nigga we gon ride them handle bars and sip on that lean
by nina dice June 09, 2006
bars: little things that turn off the memory button in your brain, not like getting high at all. usually sold 2 for $5 or 3 for $5 if you get a good deal. sometimes used to numb the pain of something. gets you tired, sleepy, and slows down every process in your brain. when taking handle bars, be sure to be around trustworthy people, because your conscience will not be in effect at all when under the influence.
dawg fool, that nigga is barred out. he's past high and drunk. give me some handle bars so i can knock out.
by eMMiLee September 05, 2005
The slang for pig tails on a girl, as they can be used for handles when a girl gives a guy head. They can be "grabbed onto" as handlebars are on a bike, to navigate where the bike or head goes.
I grabbed onto this girl's handlebars last night, and got the best head ever.
by lillian black March 29, 2004
Slang term for a Wendy's restaurant, stemming from the fact their spokesmodel, Wendy, has handle bars.
Who wants Handlebars for lunch?
by Dark Horse July 20, 2005
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