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A quasi brassiere formed by holding/covering the naked breasts with one's own hands.
Related: human bra
The webcam girl was happy to sit there wearing nothing but a hand bra, but when someone on chat said "Show us your tits!", she replied, "Only in Private".
by razor__ January 17, 2007
56 26
Handbra is a term used when a girl covers her naked boobs with her hands, as to prevent seeing her nipples. Used for teasing, or in embarassing situations.
The stripper continued teasing the audience. At this point she was wearing only panties and handbra.
by grue3 February 11, 2008
36 7
A photographic pose where a woman covers her boobs with her hands, as to tease or impress males. A very sexual pose often seen in magazine modeling.
The man was happy to look at the woman with nothing but her hands covering her body. He smiled, then proceeded to kiss the computerized face. Disappointed, he walked away, saying, "Man, I love hand bras!"
by The REAL Me November 06, 2012
20 3
when a nude woman poses for a photograph while covering her nipples and/or breasts with her hands
The tried to get a shot with a hand bra but she could not hold still.
by The Return of Light Joker April 29, 2010
7 10